The Colonial Woodwrights Family…

Michael and Roberta Crowley are the owners and handcrafters of The Colonial Woodwrights, a small furniture and home décor company.  A true “Mom & Pop” operation, the Crowleys craft each and every one of their pieces from start to finish.  In 1984, they began building items with a strong early American influence, but over the years many styles have inspired the form and function of the furniture they design and craft.

To create these one-of-a-kind heirloom quality pieces, they employ traditional methods of joinery and use premium select or reclaimed materials.  Pine and various hardwoods are purchased from certified mills; many of their items are crafted using re-purposed old barnwood, pallet, and crate wood and other “found” architectural elements to create diverse and unique collections for the home.  Michael and Roberta use environmentally responsible paints, stains and top coats to create multi-layered finishes, giving the look of a well-loved antique.  Alternatively, some of their other finishing techniques compliment many of today’s contemporary trends.

The Colonial Woodwrights’ workshop is located in Mariposa, CA, a small town in the Sierra Nevada foothills and a gateway to Yosemite National Park.  They sell through our workshop, at a local gift store, Chocolate Soup, and at many art and craft shows throughout the Western United States.

Sarah Crowley Chestnut recently moved back to Mariposa from Vancouver, BC with her husband Joshua and their son, Jacob.  She is a teacher, freelance writer, aspiring gardener and avid home baker. She is the editor and administrator of this blog and Michael and Robbie’s eldest daughter.

Sarah grew up in Mariposa, went to college in Southern California, taught English for two years in Prague, Czech Republic, then earned her Master’s degree in Christianity and the Arts at Regent College in Vancouver, where she met Joshua.  Sarah is happy to be participating in the family business once again.

Beth (Crowley) Keyes is Michael and Robbie’s youngest daughter, and she lives in Mariposa, CA with her husband Josh and daughter, Natalie.  After graduating from high school, Beth worked with her parents for a few years until she married her high school sweetheart, Josh. They lived and worked in Fresno, CA for a while, but eventually made the decision to move back to Mariposa.  She worked at Yosemite Bank for 5 years until they had their daughter, Natalie.

Beth is currently a stay-at-home mom and a contributing photographer and occasional writer for this blog.  She has designed and crafted folk art themed for children’s rooms–old cars and trucks, bi-planes and clouds, baseball and sports ball sets, and most recently, hot air balloons inspired by her daughter, Natalie.  She still works alongside Michael and Robbie in the shop every now and then.

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