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We’re on ETSY!

In case you haven’t heard: we sell on Etsy!  For our faithful blog followers who aren’t in close proximity to our show room at Chocolate Soup (located in Mariposa, CA), shopping our Etsy store is one way you can purchase our handcrafted home decor any time of the year.  Find some of our newer creations listed on our recently updated Etsy page, and watch for more items soon.  Current listings include our popular ledge shelves, mirrors, wall pockets and clocks.  Click the button to the left and head straight over to Colonial Woodwrights on Etsy!

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September Spotlight: Folksy Fall

Rotund pumpkins, falling leaves, crows circling the corn patch, meaty mushrooms raising their caps to cooler, wetter days–fall is almost here!  In our family, fall has always been greeted with joy: we happily pull favorite sweaters over our heads again, put on the kettle in the evenings to make hot chocolate, and we turn bushels and bushels of apples into the spiced apple butter we spread on buttermilk biscuits the rest of the year, and apple strudels that we stash away in the freezer to enjoy for dessert or a Sunday breakfast later in the winter.  In the work shop, fall also means the busy season; we work long days in preparation for numerous craft shows that usher in the holiday season.  We hope to see you at one of our upcoming shows!


If you come to see us at one of this fall’s Harvest Festivals, you can expect to find our booth salt and peppered with charming, seasonal folk art and home décor.  From pumpkins to leaves to mushrooms to crows and more, our wooden folk art adds autumnal whimsy to any room.


  • Pumpkins range in price from $5-$15
  • Scatter Leaves:  $3/ea; 5 for $14; 10 for $27
  • Mushrooms range in price from $12-$27
  • Crow: $18

These items will be available at any of our Harvest Festival shows, along with Christmas items such as chunky snowmen and trees (we’ll feature those here later in the season!).  Please note that these items are not yet available through our Etsy shop, but we hope to make them available there in the future.  If you cannot make it to one of our shows, or you live outside of California and would like to make a purchase, please call us to place an order: 209-742-6624.

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We’re on Etsy!

We are happy to announce the grand opening of our Etsy shop, currently featuring our Ledge Shelves.  Watch for new listings in the weeks and months to come, and support independent handcrafters and artists–shop Etsy!

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