Monthly Spotlight

This is where we unveil a new, particularly unique piece of furniture–something really special–monthly.  That’s right: Every month we throw ourselves a little “release party,” as it were, and you are invited.  Every month it’s something different–perhaps featuring reclaimed wood or salvaged hardware, or a new finish, or metal work.  Perhaps it’s a corner desk, or a utility stand, or a quirky little hall table, or a chest of drawers.

One of the monthly Spotlights may turn out be just the thing you’ve been looking for, or perhaps one will spark your imagination for a design you would like to commission.  Who knows?

The nuts and bolts:

  • If you haven’t already done it, subscribe to our blog so that you receive an email alert when we publish a new post–and release a new, monthly Spotlight.
  • Spotlights will be featured in the third week of each month–some time between the 15th and the 20th of every month.
  • We will note the dimensions and price of each piece.
  • Spotlights are made available exclusively to our online friends and customers through this blog for two weeks.  Then we take it to the general public through our room at Chocolate Soup or at one of our many weekend, retail shows.
  • What if you think you’d like to buy the piece?  Give us a call right away–209-742-6624–and we’ll make some arrangements.

September 2012: Folksy Fall, Wooden Pumpkins, Leaves, Mushrooms and Crows

Available at any of our fall Harvest Festival Shows, or call to place an order.

August 2012: Pair of Solid, Hardwood Lamp Tables, NOW GOING ON THE ROAD WITH US TO FALL HARVEST FESTIVAL SHOWS.

Pair: $450.

July 2012: Ledge Shelves,  NOW AVAILABLE AT OUR ETSY SHOP!

June 2012: The Classic Console, $475 (not including shipping or delivery)


May 2012:  Compact Media Cabinet, $595 (not including shipping or delivery)

Available now in our room at Chocolate Soup.  Call for details:  209-742-6624

APRIL 2012: One-of-a-kind Lamps, $65 – $105

Available now to the general public.  Call for details and availability: 209-742-6624.

MARCH 2012: Cottage Jelly Cupboard, $385 (not inc. shipping or delivery)

Now available in our room at Chocolate Soup!



FEBRUARY 2012: The Farmhouse Dry Sink, $695 (not inc. shipping or delivery)

Now available in our room at Chocolate Soup!


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