Upcoming Show Schedule

  • Ventura, CA, Ventura Co. Fairgrounds. Booth #123, Oct. 5-7, 29th annual (please note this years booth placement is in the same building but on the opposite wall from previous years)
  • Del Mar, CA, Del Mar Fairgrounds. Booth. #1015, Oct. 12-14, 21st annual
  • San Mateo, CA, San Mateo Event Center. Booth #505, Nov. 9-11, 46th annual (our booth is back up in the front of the building
  • Pomona, CA, Los Angeles Co. Fairplex Expo 4. Booth #153/155, Nov. 30-Dec.2, 34th annual

4 responses to “Upcoming Show Schedule

  1. Kirsten Lucas

    I met you last year in Ventura and love all the pieces I bought from you! I still regret not ordering the little red truck (you were out of them) and seasonal wood pieces to put in the back. Do you have them anymore? If you do, I would love, love, love to buy them from you this year!

  2. Lynn Smith

    You furniture is amazing!

    Lynn Smith, San Jose

  3. Kirsten Lucas

    I can’t wait to see what you have this year in Ventura! Taking out my birds on posts, pumpkins and fall leaves soon is SOOO exciting! 🙂
    May God Bless You in your travels!

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